Mummy NCT
The Mummy NCT is a comprehensive post natal check up that you should conduct in the 1st 6 weeks after giving birth.

But don’t worry; feel free to visit us at any stage of your post partum recovery. Over 50% of all mothers experience pelvic floor weakness, overactive bladder, pelvic girdle
pain and tummy muscle separation after giving birth.

However you do not have to deal with these issues long-term as they can be comprehensively assessed and a bespoke treatment programme developed with your goals and lifestyle factors in mind. Our aim is to care for you as a recovering mother so you can optimally care for your new born baby and family.

What happens at a Mummy NCT Assessment?

A Chartered Physiotherapist specialising in Women’s Health will perform a comprehensive assessment on your first visit and start you on your recovery journey with a tailored treatment plan.

The Assessment covers the following:

● Full postural screen
● Pelvic floor muscle assessment
● Cesarean section scar assessment.
● Abdominal muscle exam to check for any separation.
● Screening for any bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.
● Screening of the low back, pelvic and hips.
● Perineal tear assessment.
● Return to fitness assessment.
● And screening of any other issues that are individual to the patient.

Treatments include:

● Restoration of the pelvic floor muscle and its function by exercise rehabilitation, guided biofeedback devices, and manual therapy for release of tight and painful areas.
● Soft tissue release of overactive and spasmodic muscles groups, in order to relief symptoms. But most importantly to maximise overall balance and support to the lumbopelvic area as its recovering post partum.
● Addressing any issues regarding bladder and bowel problems i.e. loss on faecal control, overactive bladder routine, constipation etc.
● Tailored exercise programme to aid specific muscle recovery for post partum needs of tummy separation problems, or low back / pelvic pain conditions.
● Scar recovery work for Cesarean section and perineal scar pain and problems.
● Individualised fitness testing of the post partum body to aid return to sport/fitness in an effective and symptom free manner.