Women and Men’s Health

Emma Frame leads our Women and Men’s Health Clinic here in Old Bawn Clinic. She is
currently the Clinical Lead Chartered Physiotherapist in Dublin South West working in
conjunction with the team in Tallaght Hospital, and setting up a Network of Physiotherapists
specialising in this area in Dublin/ Kildare.

Emma has a strong passion for manual therapy work (internal and external) for pelvic
floor/pelvic conditions, integrated with rehabilitation to help achieve optimal results. She
has gained post graduation qualifications in Advanced Pelvic Care to be able to deliver
competent care to her patients

There is a strong emphasis on the biopyschosocial approach to care: holistic regarding diet,
lifestyle, fluid intake, sleep, stress management, and any other contributable factors that
need addressed.

• Incontinence (urinary & faecal)
• Pelvic floor problems & pain.
• Vaginal & rectal pain
• Pelvic girdle pain, coccyx & pubic pain
• Spinal pain
• Abdominal separation
• Bladder problems
• Prolapse
• Sexual dysfunction
• Perianal preparation for birth
• C-section & scar care.
• Pregnancy related problems.
• Post natal related problems.

● Incontinence (urinary & faecal)

● Pelvic floor problems & pain 

● Rectal pain 
● Bladder problems 
● Prolapse  
● Sexual dysfunction  
● Prostate problems