Our Services
Physiotherapy can help people affected by injury, illness or disability through manual therapy, movement and exercise, education and advice.
Physical Therapy
Physical therapists can teach patients how to prevent or manage their condition so that they will achieve long term health benefits
Online Consultation
Online Consultation to cater for any patient, anywhere.
Mummy NCT
The Mummy NCT is a comprehensive post natal check up that you should conduct in the 1st 6 weeks after giving birth.
The Knee & Hip Clinic
For our knee and hip patients we run a specialist clinic here in Old Bawn Clinic.
Sports Specific Rehabilitation
For our sporting population, we design specific rehabilitation programs tailored to you and your sport to ensure an efficient and safe return to sport
Post-operative Care
Our Physiotherapists have worked closely with surgeons and patients so we have an thorough understanding of the importance of physiotherapy at the right time.
Women and Men’s Health
We have a strong passion for manual therapy work (internal and external) for pelvic floor/pelvic conditions, integrated with rehabilitation to help achieve optimal results.
Exercise for Osteoarthritis
At Old Bawn Clinic, we specialise in the management of osteoarthritis through exercise and education.
Lymphedema Care
Lymphedema is a condition when the patient experiences an excessive build up of protein rich fluid in the limb, trunk, or face. Here in Old Bawn Clinic, we run a physiotherapy specialist lead, Lymphedema treatment Clinic.
Pediatric & Adolescent Physiotherapy
At the Old Bawn Clinic we offer treatment plans for all types of adolescent  and paediatric musculoskeletal and developmental delay concerns.