The Knee & Hip Clinic
A Specialist Knee or Hip Assessment and Treatment Plan tailored to you
Our knee and hip clinic is ran by Bláithín Brady and Sarah Crosbie.
In the clinic we treat both conservative and surgical patients. Our physiotherapists have a thorough understanding of the knee and specialise in the arthritic knee and hip, Anterior cruciate ligament rehabilitation, multi ligament rehabilitation, meniscal repair rehabilitation and patellofemoral pain. Blaithín and Sarah work alongside Mr. Mihai Vioreanu and Mr. Gavin McHugh, two of the leading hip and knee orthopaedic consultants in  the country ensuring a complete cover of care for each patient.​

On initial assessment the knee or hip as well as the rest of the lower limb and trunk is assessed. More importantly a detailed medical history and mechanism of injury, if applicable, is taken ensuring that a thorough initial assessment is carried out. Once a diagnosis is given, Bláithín or Sarah will comply a treatment plan which may include only conservative
physiotherapy management, or perhaps liaise with your GP regarding medication or else the surgeon regarding scanning and further assessment